Sally Rhudy

Artist Profile

Sally Rhudy

My paintings are contemporary abstracts that reflect a journey, or my environment and mood entwined with historical references, symbolism and literature. 

I use intense colour, marks and texture to provide an atmospheric representation of the sensation or message I want to convey. Sometimes I feel that a semi-abstract format would suit the piece better but more recently I am developing a fully abstract expressionistic style.

To me it is important that the viewer extracts their own interpretation and feelings from my paintings. Art is subjective.

Although I use acrylic as the main medium for my art, I  sometimes feel it is necessary to include accents and detail with mediums such as oil pastels, pencil or marker pen.  

I was involved in the wine industry for over ten years prior to moving to the USA. Wine and art are often linked. I was fascinated by winemakers who every year attempted to weave together nature, art, science and passion, encapsulating it in a bottle for the drinker to ponder, admire and savour. And so it is with art, I am influenced by nature, observations during my walks and runs along the waterfront, taking in the stunning light and spectrum of colour. I try and encapsulate this in my work.

I am the third generation of artists in my family and have a Bachelor of Arts from The Glasgow School of Art. I have worked on art installations, environmental art projects and large-scale public events. Commissioners include BBC Scotland, Edinburgh Festival, Edinburgh Film Festival, The International Congress for Design as well as smaller themed events and interior design projects.

​My work has featured in exhibitions in America, England, Scotland and France.